Dark Figure Rising

Audio Hunter

Deep Blue Undercurrent

Reverb Runner




Erik Hawk (feat. Jocelyn Scofield)

Sweet Dreams

Erik Hawk & Lynne[a]



The Funky Mystic Remixes

Funky Jellybeans


Pimp My Skillz

DJ Wolfie


DJ Wolfie & Structure Noize


Erik Hawk

Get That High

Erik Hawk

Synchronized Music specializes in fine indie electronic music. Our artists have played festivals ranging from Burning Man to Lightening in a Bottle. Songs by our artists have been featured in television shows and movies, including CSI:Miami, Ugly Betty, Burn Notice, Big Brother, The Last Day of Summer, and The Informers. We strive to nurture individuality and creative expression.

Audio Hunter in the Studio

Audio Hunter in the Studio

Audio Hunter is hard at work in the studio composing and recording a ton of new tracks. Official releases from this groundbreaking band—think NIN and Tool meet synthwave with a string section—will begin in January 2020. Stay tuned for the teasers. These are some...

Reverb Runner Singles on Track!

Reverb Runner Singles on Track!

Reverb Runner has been putting the finishing touches on a batch of new chillwave and synthwave tracks. New singles will be dropping soon, hopefully by the end of February 2020. Put your best 80s shades on and get ready to chill out! #chillwave

Multitrack in the News!

Multitrack in the News!

The Multitrack collaboration project spearheaded by producer Erik Hawk is featured in Berklee’s Take Note magazine. Read the complete blog and get the direct link to the story by clicking on the link above.

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